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Vital and mystical, biting and ironic. Alef was born among the catwalks of the recent Fashion Week in Milan, the handbags brand for day and evening with an unmistakable style that plays with the experimentation of forms and materials, fine workmanship and the lure of dense, intrinsic symbolic meanings made to rewrite the soul. A collection entirely made in Italy that does not go unnoticed by its charge of energy , the explosion of vibrant colours and funny, sometimes irreverent and punk. A visionary kaleidoscope where peace and storm merge into a single object, aggressive, magical, apotropaic, sacred, never losing the lightness of irony.

The reference to a secret dimension of personality is present from the name Alef , the first letter A and the number 1, a symbol of unity and the beginning of all, uncreated energy centre from which radiates the thought ,from power mantra precious seal of each bag where you will encounter the logo which graphically recalls the alpha and the omega joined by a tao . It is the evocation of a spiritual universe, though playful and dreamlike, the dream of Alice or asteroid floating in the Little Prince. For a woman who maintains her inner child and inner fairy, curious about the world, but when necessary she is a warrior, without fear of the dark.

Material and spiritual, linear and circular, male and female come together in collections. ALEF suggests three routes dedicated to the creative depths of the sea, to the bowels of the earth to the sky, and finally the eastern cosmologies : MANTA RAY COLLECTION, COLLECTION Agartha, RAINBOW DRAGON COLLECTION.
Shopping bag, mini bag, double bag where high quality leather, python and ayers mingle with technical fabrics, cotton base and polyurethane coatings with the effects of  harmonious contrast . A mix this material is associated with a reworking of the traditional classical forms with sinuous key projections in the future.

A journey in which every earthly and heavenly creation gives off such a positive energy to make us speak of a  Bag Therapy  : not only accessories with a strong aesthetic taste , but a real talisman for good luck that accompanies us with humor and taste in our daily lives ¦ our personal path. In the true sense of the word because combined with the bags, in the same colors and materials, we also created a capsule collection of sneakers combined with the bags. But that’s another story, which we’ll tell you later .




Per Italia: Valeria Zanoni



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